What do you want to learn?

Workshops designed for you + your career

Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development Workshops are designed by subject matter experts from universities across the country with the express intent of helping you further your career! Enjoy a rewarding, collaborative experience as you join other faculty to apply strategies and gain resources for expanding the entrepreneurial mindset.

(1) Register

Work with campus leaders to find a particular workshop that meets your interests.

(2) Quickstart

Complete the Quickstart course on Thinkific to begin preparation for the Meetup. Select a candidate project to integrate entrepreneurially minded learning (EML). Start a draft card on Engineering Unleashed prior to the Meetup.

(3) Meetup

During the Meetup portion of the workshop, you'll learn from facilitators and collaborate with participate to develop your project. You may even pivot and choose a different topic

(4) Press Onward

At the Meetup portion of the workshop you'll meet your coach, a peer who will serve as a resource as you develop, deploy, and assess your project. This phase may be up to one year. The coaches will recommend that you publish your card on Engineering Unleashed.

(5) Amplify

Your work can directly help the Engineering Unleashed community. It also has the potential to be recommended for extension or expansion in the form of an Engineering Unleashed Fellowship