Course Overview

  • 1

    Press Onward Roadmap

    • Introduction

    • Coaching

    • Working on your card

    • Exit Survey: What do you think about this workshop? We need your feedback.

    • Conclusion - The Big Finish!

  • 2

    Participant Projects

    • DEI EML Project Ideas Google Slide Link

  • 3

    Working on you card

    • Card Rubric and Expectations

    • Getting started drafting your card

    • Connect us to your card

  • 4

    Resources for DEI and EM

    • Links to Resources That Support Our Four Salient Characteristics

    • Literature That Supports Our Four Salient Characteristics

    • Intentional Group Work Development

    • Course Design (Preparing, Course Design, Assessing your Course/Practice)

    • Deeper Connections to DEI Faculty Development