Decoding the DNA of the 3Cs & Creating High Impact Courses

When: August 1 - 4, 2023
Where: Saint Louis, MO

The Decoding the DNA of 3Cs & Creating High Impact Courses workshop frames the 3Cs in terms of their constituent elements and enables faculty to create and deliver high impact courses. The insights into the DNA of the 3Cs will enable you to determine your course outcomes better, organize learning material, create engaging activities, and deliver effective lectures, resulting in nurturing students' entrepreneurial mindset. The workshop is a sandbox for you to play, learn, and create a 3Cs embedded course.

Who Should Attend: From new to experienced faculty interested in taking a deeper dive into the KEEN framework.

Registration Closes: March 31, 2023

3 Key Takeaways:

Everything you learn from the facilitation and coaching team and other participants can be immediately applied to your context and topics of interest.

  • Identify and describe the constituent elements of 3Cs

  • Develop outcome-based lessons and interactive activities to nurture 3Cs

  • Assess the impact using the constituent elements

Registration Countdown

Register for DNA before registration closes on March 31, 2023!

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Workshop Phases

Each EUFD National workshop consists of three distinct phases, the Quickstart, Meetup, and Press Onward, over the course of a year.

  • 1. QuickStart

    The QuickStart course begins your adventure. You can start your journey immediately after registering. In this self-paced online course, you will begin learning the central ideas of the workshop and how they apply the entrepreneurial mindset (EM). The facilitation team has customized your introduction to the workshops topics and will ask you to identify a candidate project.

  • 2. Meetup

    Within the Meetup course and event, you will interact (and likely even have some fun) with the facilitation team and other participants. The Meetup for this particular workshop will be in-person! Up to thirty participants will meet in Saint Louis, MO from August 1 - 4, 2023. Learning from each other is always one of the most valuable and memorable parts of any workshop sequence. Individual participants will arrive — and a community will emerge.

  • 3. Press Onward

    Pressing Onward can be transformative. Following the Meetup event you will have a series of online meetings over the course of the year with members of the coaching team, individually or with other participants. The ample time between meetings affords an opportunity to develop your ideas and experiment. Get real results as you apply what you learned and share discoveries along the way. When complete, you'll publish a card on to serve as a resource for the community.

Facilitators and Coaches


Doug Melton

Dr. Douglas Melton is a Program Director for the Kern Family Foundation, working closely with the Engineering Unleashed community and the nationally recognized Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) of partner institutions who are developing educational experiences to foster an entrepreneurial mindset in their undergraduate engineering students. Dr. Melton served as a faculty member for seventeen years within the department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Kettering University. There, he also served as the Program Director for Entrepreneurship Across the University. Prior, Doug was the Director of Research & Development for Digisonix Incorporated. His disciplinary specializations include signal processing, acoustics, and wireless communications.


Sri Condoor

Professor with a demonstrated history of working in the design innovation and technology entrepreneurship areas. Skilled in Design Innovation, Applied Research & Product Design, Entrepreneurship, and Training Next Generation Innovators and Entrepreneurs. Experienced in the design of state-of-the-art curricula and the application of innovative pedagogies. Author of multiple books including Innovative Conceptual Design and technical publications. Inventor of hubless wind turbine and other designs. Organizer of workshops in the area of Design Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship.​

Facilitator & Coach

Mark Nagurka

As a mechanical engineering faculty member at Carnegie Mellon and then at Marquette University, Dr. Mark Nagurka taught a wide range of courses and developed engineering laboratories to provide meaningful experiential learning opportunities for students. He has been an active researcher in the dynamics, control, and design of mechanical and electromechanical systems. He is a passionate proponent of the 3C’s and an entrepreneurial mindset, and is working with the Kern Family Foundation spearheading the coaching activities of Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development National Workshops.

Facilitator & Coach

Jonathan Weaver

Jonathan Weaver, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Detroit Mercy, teaches a variety of courses – many of them focusing on innovation, creativity, systems thinking, and the product development process. He holds a BS degree from Virginia Tech, and MS and PhD degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, all in Mechanical Engineering. Industrial and research experience prior to joining the University in 1993 included developing numerous analytical models of Naval shipboard systems and power plant systems as well as developing path planning algorithms for robotic assembly of space trusses. His research interests and publications relate to robotics, vehicle dynamics, design of experiments, robust design, engineering education, innovation, entrepreneurship, systems engineering, systems architecture, new product development and the product development process. He has worked with several automakers and other companies on a wide variety of projects and technical training endeavors. He has also conducted numerous innovation workshops for industry wherein the participants learn systematic innovation tools and apply them to their daily work to routinely develop products that create exceptional value.

Transform your teaching, research, or service.

Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development Workshops deliver actionable, adaptable strategies and resources that empower you to create long-lasting value with the entrepreneurial mindset (EM). Expert faculty from top institutions have created these workshops that provide guidance to complete a project while collaborating with faculty from across the nation.