Course Overview

  • 1

    A - Welcome

    • Let's Start the Meetup!

    • Our Meetup

    • Goals of the Workshop

    • Agenda and Important Links and Documents

    • Meet your Workshop's Facilitators and Coaches

  • 2

    B - Introduction

    • Where are we going this week?

    • Setting Norms

  • 3

    C - Project Structures

    • URE Project Structures

    • Pre-Workshop Content: Vertically Integrated Projects

    • Pre-Workshop Lesson: Structuring Undergraduate Research to Help Yourself

    • Pre-Workshop Video: Small Farm Anaerobic Digester Tour

    • Pre-Workshop Video: Music Video

    • Pre-Workshop Activity: Flipgrid Database of Ideas on How to Use UREs to Help Yourself (Part 1)

    • In- Workshop Activity: Flip Database of Ideas on How to Use UREs to Help Yourself (Part 2)

  • 4

    D - Recruiting and Motivating Students

    • Recruiting and Motivating Students

    • Pre-Workshop Video: Student Recruitment Fundamentals

    • Pre-Workshop Video: Student Selection Fundamentals

    • Pre-Workshop Video: Example Elevator Pitch

    • In-Workshop Activity: Develop an Elevator Pitch!

    • In-Workshop Activity: Develop an Elevator Pitch! (Part 2: Report Out)

  • 5

    E - Curiosity Types


    • Pre-Workshop SURVEY: Are You a Curious Person?

    • Pre-Workshop Video: The Importance of Curiosity

    • Pre-Workshop Video: The Five Dimensions of Curiosity

    • Pre-Workshop Video: The Four Types of Curious People

    • Recorded zoom call summary... to now....

    • In-Workshop Lesson: Curiosity Injections: Cultivating Curiosity in Students

    • In-Workshop Activity: Design an Activity to Spark Curiosity in YOUR Students!

    • Pre-Workshop Activity: Virtual Gallery Walk

    • Bonus Related Resources: Question Formulation Technique

    • Bonus Related Resources: A Small Collection of Tools

    • Wrapping Up Day 1: Muddiest Point

  • 6

    F - Mentoring

    • Mentoring Learning Objectives

    • Pre-Workshop Video: Mentoring Best Practices

    • Pre-Workshop Video: Caught in a Bad Project

    • In-Workshop Lesson: Mentoring Research Students

    • In-Workshop Activity - Student Mentoring Plan

    • Pre-Workshop Activity: Engaging and Re-Energizing Students

  • 7

    G - Outreach and Broader Impacts

    • Outreach and Broader Impacts Learning Objectives

    • Pre-Workshop Video: Outreach and Broader Impacts - Grand Challenges of Engineering

    • In-Workshop Lesson: Grand Challenges and Broader Impacts Activities

    • Post-Workshop Lesson: Where Do Opportunities Come From?

    • Post-Workshop TOOLS: At the Intersections: Ideas, Needs, and People

  • 8

    H - Connecting to Curriculum

    • Connecting to Curriculum and ABET

    • Pre-Workshop Poll: What prior experiences have you had connecting your research, outreach, or other professional activities with your classes?

    • Pre-Workshop Lesson: Connecting to Program Curriculum Requirements and ABET

    • In-Workshop Activity: Connect ABET with your Concept Map

    • Post-Workshop Lesson: Encouraging Context-Aware Systems Thinking

    • Post-Workshop Lesson: Connections - Tools for Building the Mental Habits of Connected Thinking

  • 9

    J - Student Publishing

    • Pre-Workshop Lesson: Reframing Failure in a Culture of Learning

    • Pre-Workshop Lesson: A Spectrum of Failure

    • In-Workshop Lesson: Connecting Publishing to Curriculum

    • In-Workshop Activity - Storytelling

  • 10

    K - Timelines

    • In-Workshop Activity - Research Timeline

  • 11

    Editing the Draft Engineering Unleashed Card You've Created

    • What do you think about this Meetup course? We welcome your feedback.

    • Conclusion

  • 12

    EM Assessment (optional)

    • Assessment Structures - Designed for classrooms, but relevant for research projects

    • Build your Assessment Plan

    • Rubrics