Course Overview

  • 1

    Workshop Day 1 - June 6, 2022

    • Deflategate explained

    • Workshop Overview

    • Your Post Day 1 Homework

  • 2

    Workshop Day 2 - June 7, 2022

    • CIQ: selected results

    • The Foundations of PSS

    • To what extent do the observations you made about PSS yesterday align with the foundations of PSS?

    • What are the different ways we can behave with an EM as instructors?

    • How does PSS fit into a required BME course at Georgia Tech?

    • Where in your course will PSS have the greatest impact on your students' learning?

    • A template for creating your own PSS session

    • Identify as many forms of troublesome knowledge that you can that your students bring to your course

    • What problem context(s) and question(s) might you ask to elicit and confront these troublesome knowledge?

    • What are the different dimensions of a problem's difficulty that you can adjust to get your students in their zone of proximal development?

    • Modify the difficulty of Deflategate

    • Work on developing your own PSS session

    • How can you promote the 3Cs in PSS?

    • Group reflection on today's work

  • 3

    Workshop Day 3 - June 8, 2022

    • Review the group reflections from yesterday

    • Compare and contrast these examples of a teacher's feedback to their students: which best promote learning and why?

    • How to talk with your students to maximize their learning

    • Table talk strategies to "teach for thinking"

    • Practicing Table Talk - Scenario 1 from Deflategate

    • Practicing Table Talk - Scenario 2 from Deflategate

    • Watch this video - what do you observe with respect to table talk?

    • Practice using the ICAP framework - categorize these student behaviors

    • How to take the ICAP "temperature" of your class

    • How to carry out a formal observation of your students' level of cognitive engagement

    • ICAP observation form

    • What to look for when you work with a student team - the "Desk Crit"

    • An example Desk Crit form for Deflategate

    • Now, continue to develop your PSS problem - this time thinking from a desk crit perspective

    • Play time! Imagine and role play a desk crit scenario in your course

    • Work on your problem

    • Getting peer feedback on the PSS session you are developing using the "Critical Response Process"

    • What barriers or challenges do you expect to encounter when you use PSS in your course?

    • 3-2-1 reflection

  • 4

    Workshop Day 4 - June 9, 2022

    • Walkabout

    • Review the 3-2-1 reflections from yesterday

    • What was the rhyme and reason for how we ran this workshop?

    • Next steps: Coaching!

    • A final word and your feedback please!

  • 5

    Workshop Feedback and Next Steps

    • What do you think about this Meetup course? We need your feedback.

    • Conclusion

  • 6

    Post workshop materials

    • An example syllabus for a PSS course

    • Example surveys we give students on the first day of class and prior to reforming the table teams

    • Article on troubleshooting